About The Mall

Welcome to The Mall on Xbox One. For the first time ever you can shop for products on your Xbox One. Below are some of the cool features, hints and tips that will make shopping on The Mall the best eCommerce experience you have ever had.

  • We have made it simpler to purchase – you can stick up to 30 products at once in a basket ( from any of our retailers) and just press purchase once. We are also implementing a wallet feature meaning that you will be able to store all of your details for the next time you shop with us.
    • Note – make sure to use Xbox Smartglass when entering details, it’s soooooo much quicker and easier than the controller for inputting text!
  • You can try clothing on if you have a Kinect. You’ll know that you can try an item on if you see a little blue hanger on the top right hand corner of  a product tile. Once you enter the product page for that tile just hit the Try it On button in a product page.

You can watch our demo video below!



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