About Us - The Mall Hub
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Unapologetic gamer’s and pop culture devotees with a tried and tested love for innovation, tech and the latest releases. We know how Xbox users think, because we’ve been gamer’s our whole lives. We want to make content you’ll love and offer you exclusive sales and deals while we’re at it. Overall we just want to hear from you. The experience we provide must look great, be fun to use and have a simple user journey. So that’s what we strive for.



We currently have two apps on the Xbox and PC (and another secret project in development). The Mall is a geek oriented shopping app, with great content like articles, video’s, recommendations etc included. Trailer Freek is just what it sounds like – your one stop shop for trailers and reviews (only pop culture content allowed of course) with recommendations of products you might like based on what you’re watching. More news about our secret app to come..