About Us

[dfd_service columns_width=”quarter-width-elements” font_size_icon=”22″ connector_color=”#e5e5e5″][dfd_service_item list_title=”THE ONLY PLACE TO SHOP ON XBOX ONE” list_subtitle=”Built by Xbox One users for Xbox One users” list_icon=”dfd-icon-controller” animation=”pulse” title_font_size=”14″ title_font_line_height=”24″ title_font_letter_spacing=”0″ desc_background=”#252525″ desc_font_color=”#ffffff”]We know how Xbox One users think, because we’ve been gamer’s for 20 years. The experience has to be visual, look great, be fun to use and have a simple user journey. So that’s what we strive for – the easiest to use eCommerce experience on your favorite device.[/dfd_service_item][dfd_service_item list_title=”THE BEST BRANDS” list_subtitle=”Dozens of the best brands and growing all of the time.” list_icon=”dfd-icon-shopping_bag_2″ title_font_size=”14″ title_font_line_height=”24″ desc_background=”#252525″ desc_font_color=”#ffffff”]Launched in beta in early 2016 with limited brands we now have over 100 great brands and retailers signed up to sell in The Mall. The first of these will be coming online in May 2016 and we aim to have over 100 online by the end of 2016. Making The Mall on Xbox One a truly “Mall” like experience for our shoppers.[/dfd_service_item][dfd_service_item list_title=”UNIVERSAL CART” list_subtitle=”One cart that allows you to purchase from multiple stores with one touch.” list_icon=”dfd-icon-trolley_full” title_font_size=”14″ title_font_line_height=”24″ desc_background=”#252525″ desc_font_color=”#ffffff”]No matter how many stores we sign up for The Mall, we will always deliver them to you in the simplest way possible. just put whatever products you want from as many retailers as you want into the one basket. We will do all the hard work and give you a simple universal basket where you only have to click once to purchase everything. No more having to pay each retailer separately for their products.[/dfd_service_item][dfd_service_item list_title=”MONTHLY COMPETITIONS & PRIZES” list_subtitle=”The Mall is not just for shopping, check in every month to see lots of free competitions and prizes run by us and our brands” list_icon=”dfd-icon-cup_star” title_font_size=”14″ title_font_line_height=”24″ desc_background=”#252525″ desc_font_color=”#ffffff”]We are teaming up with some great brands who want to engage with our community and offer the best products and prizes to our users every month.[/dfd_service_item][/dfd_service]