Buying a hard drive for you Xbox? All you need to know and more. - The Mall Hub
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Buying a hard drive for you Xbox? All you need to know and more.

Buying a hard drive for you Xbox? All you need to know and more.

Need more space on your Hard-Drive? What’s the best to get?

It can be confusing and the choice is large, but don’t worry because we’ve got you covered! Have a look below and then check out the three that we recommend!



What you must have:

– The drive must be USB 3.0 and if you’re using a USB hub, it also must be USB 3.0.

– It must be bigger than 256GB

What you should think of:

– For 3TB drives or less, stick with a portable hard drive. The cost difference between a portable and a desktop hard drive for 3TB and smaller drives is insignificant compared to the convenience of portable drives.

– For 4TB drives or more, consider a full-sized desktop drive. Conversely for this size of a hard drive there’s more of a price gap to consider.

– More likely than not, you don’t have to stick to any brand name. It’s very likely that any USB 3.0 drive will be compatible with your Xbox One.

– Have an internal drive already? Buy a USB 3.0 enclosure! Buying an enclosure is much cheaper than buying an entirely new hard drive, and you’ll finally be able to put that old drive of yours to good use.

– Ignore the extra bells and whistles some hard drives include. Some drives offer more software or security features. There’s absolutely no need for any of this stuff for Xbox One storage. For example, the main difference between the WD Passport and Elements is that the Passport includes WDsmartware Pro for automatic backup, cloud backup feature, and better encryption. None of this is even usable on Xbox One.

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