Home Page Error Workaround - The Mall Hub
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Home Page Error Workaround

Unfortunately, just as we launched The Mall on Xbox One, the Google API Feed service that sends our news to The Mall Home Page was discontinued by Google. We have intendified the problem, fixed it and are working with our partners in Xbox apps to get the update pushed as soon as possible. In the mean time don’t worry! The Mall actually works fine, but you will have to follow the steps below to navigate past the Home Page.

When you enter the Home Page after signing into The Mall you will see this error message. Just hit back, which will bring you to the Xbox home page. Then just go back into The Mall app. 


When you go back into the Home Page you will see a page with blank tiles. Press down on your controller once and press A to enter The Mall. Then, just enjoy your shopping experience!

TheMall_News Error_step1

The Home Page should look like the one below once we have the update pushed.

TheMall_News Error_step2

Once you hit The Mall button on the left, you will see the Main Mall Page as per the image below

The Mall home page