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Meet Some of The Mall Winners!

Meet Some of The Mall Winners!

We ran a couple of competitions over Christmas and we were lucky enough to catch up with some of the winners in the last few weeks. We sat down  (virtually of course) with Austin Bonamy and Tim Atwell to get their opinions on a few Xbox One related questions, read on to see what they thought!

Austin Bonamy sporting his new Turtle Beach Headphones courtesy of The Mall’s Christmas Giveaway


Question – Presumably you like Xbox One! Why did you pick the Xbox One as your weapon of choice in the great console war?

  • AB – It came down to which console would best benefit my household. At the time of release, the Xbox One had more media apps in addition to the multiplatform and Xbox-exclusive games. My daughter was also fairly young so the apps and Kinect-based games was also another plus. Deciding factor was Xbox Live as a service. At the time I subscribed to both XBL Gold and PS+. Network reliability and the bigger investment of digital games I amassed since 2008 is what drove me to stick with Xbox Live. As the service continues to evolve and games with gold, my backlog is DEEP.
  • TA – I had a PS1 and an Xbox when they were both released. Then the PS2 and 360. Then a wife…She said choose one. And the 360 was closest to my heart at the time. That’s my story I’m sticking with it.

Tim Atwell and his Family sporting their new Kinect and an unfortunate broken thumb for Tim!

Tim Atwell-family

Question – What is the Xbox One game you are enjoying most right now?

  • AB – Easily, the one game that’s in high rotation is Rock Band 4 Rivals. Seeing my wife’s inner gamer girl mentality sneak out when she goes for vocal gold stars is a joy to behold. I, on the other hand, have been slowly chopping away at my backlog. Currently I’ve been pushing through Resident Evil games.
  • TA – I am playing 3 games at the moment.  Fallout 4, Xcom 2 and World of Tanks. My daughter (16) is a fan of Assassins Creed. My boys (3 and 5) are die hard Lego junkies. Batman and StarWars.


Question – You have $1,000 to spend on gadgets and electronics before the world ends – what do you buy?!

  • AB- More than likely priority would be a way to power up the gadets and electronics so I would invest in a generator (gas/renewable). Also, there are tech-enhanced growers so would need a few of those for food. Whatever else would probably be to buy digital copies of select games/movies/shows (since it is the end of the world, it would be hard pressed to re-download off a network that might not be there).
  • TA – $1000? You must know I work for the government and can’t afford more than that. Anyway, I’d get 2 new really good controllers, one big ole dedicated TV to play games on. A couple new games and the rest on StarWars bobble heads. (For my daughter).

The bobbleheads the Atwell family would spend their last $1,000 dollars on before the world ended!!

Tim Atwell-kinect


Question – Trump or Clinton…only joking, let’s avoid that one! Name one gaming feature or tool you hope Microsoft add to the Xbox One in the future?

  • AB – Work on the OTA DVR. There was promise when it was first announced that this feature was being developed then disappointed when it was later announced that development was put on hold. Perhaps, if a dual-band OTA USB dongle is later released could possibly bring this into fruition.
  • TA – Elections over, breaking news. But being a sworn federal officer I am duty bound to support my elected officials from all threats foreign and domestic. No matter how bat crap crazy they appear to be. BUT, I would love to see some darn good VR games and headsets.


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