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The Mall FAQ

The Mall FAQ

The Mall FAQ

Below are some FAQ’s on The Mall 2.0, please contact or + 1-877-793-3387 for any help requests and we will get back to you asap. Happy shopping!


So what is The Mall on Xbox One?!

The Mall is an eCommerce app for Xbox One users in the US, that allows you to buy from a range of trusted US retailers all in the one basket on your Xbox One.


One Basket?

Yes – one of the key features on The Mall is that you can put multiple items, from multiple different retailers, into the one basket and only have to pay once.

We use lot’s of magic in the background to split up your order, work out your accurate shipping costs and get each individual retailer to fulfill your order correctly. You just have to press buy – once!!


Who am i purchasing off?

When you purchase a product through The Mall, you are actually purchasing it directly from the retailer. So if you love Hot Topic and their customer service, well that’s who you are buying off and who is fulfilling your order once you purchase that sweet T-Shirt from the Hot Topic Tees section on The Mall. It also means if you have a problem you get to utilize their existing stores etc. to return the item.

So in short- The retailer or brand of the product you purchase from in The Mall is responsible for taking payment, shipping, customer service and the return of faulty products.


What happens when i purchase a product – how do i track it?

As with any online purchase, you will receive an email with a receipt of your order from the retailer you purchase from, as well as updates on your orders shipping status and details.


Virtual Try One

Some clothing products such as tops and promotions have a cool feature for Kinect users that allow you to ‘try on’ the garment virtually, so you get an idea of what you might look like in it. Just look out of the little blue hanger on the top right hand corner of product tiles to see if you can try it on.

From there  you simply hit the ‘Try it On’ button on the product page, choose live Kinect feed and there you go, you are now officially looking good!


I wasn’t satisfied with my order when i received it, where do i return?

As you have purchased from a retailer on The Mall then you have to return it to this retailer. You will receive an email with your purchase confirmation and details for returning a products once you purchase it.


Shipping costs

Each retailer will have their own shipping costs depending on where they are based. Your basket will automatically update these before you pay for an item.


Shipping times

Each retailer will have their own shipping times based on their location and will inform you on these when you are purchasing. Typically you will have a choice between fastest  and cheapest, with most brands offering free shipping over a certain basket value threshold. You will always be informed of the price of shipping before final confirmation of an order.


How do i disconnect my account

If you want to disconnect your Mall account to your Xbox Live account, simply go to account settings in the Browse The Mall section then hit  ‘Account’ and press logout. You can also hit the start button to get to this page.

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