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Welcome to The Mall 3.0

Welcome to The Mall 3.0

One Click Purchases From Your Xbox One


THE MALL 3.0 is Here

We’ve done some exciting things to improve shopping on Xbox One. Just launch the old version of The Mall and it will auto-update or go to the new app section on your Xbox One and you will see it there.

Some of the features we’ve added;

  • One Click Cart. Our biggest update is to add a secure wallet function across the app. Once you put in your payment details once, we won’t have to ask you again. The next time you purchase you will simply have to press Checkout and Buy! Simple!
  • Matched prices. We match the best prices of any of the main retailers such as Best Buy or Gamestop and always do a live check on checkout, to match the lowest we can find.
  • Better product ranges. We now have more stock than ever but it’s curated for Xbox One users.
  • Easier Navigation. We have totally redesigned our navigation – so you will always be able to reach any product anywhere within 2 clicks from the Browse Page.


We’ve also launched The Mall as a Windows 10 Desktop app. So if you can’t make it to your Xbox One in time for the latest deal just launch our desktop app which you can get from here 

Keep an eye out for our mobile and web apps coming soon too.



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